2017, what’s good?

Oh look. It’s Sahlt. Late as ever. Late as always.


let me jump on the resolution bandwagon and type down mine. But with a twist. Instead of setting unrealistic resolutions I want to set achievable ones.


God knows I need to stop shopping. No exaggeration, I bought 9 different pairs of trousers between October and December. And all of them still have their tags on at the moment because the temperature has been lingering around negative 11 these past few weeks so it’s virtually impossible to wear them.


I suffer from severe anxiety which seems to get triggered by family issues and misplaced blame in a work environment.  I always end up in some corner in a fetal position fighting to breathe because it feels as though my lungs refuse to expand and let any air in. So this year I have made a promise to seek therapy for my anxiety.


Vancouver, in all its beauty and grace, is beginning to seem more and more like a pair of pretty shackles than an idea of heaven on Earth. And it’s sad that i’ve been feeling this way for such a long time and felt as though there is just no way out. But this year I will travel and get away because I just can’t be here anymore. LA? Toronto? Hawaii?


I have found myself comparing my body to those of very different statures and genetics and ultimately suffering from depression about it. I will commit to loving my body for what it is and take up a healthier lifestyle. Starting with less stress eating and more stress relief in the gym.

Investing in my future

I have put my love for writing and my blog, Sahlt, second to so many different things in life because I just didn’t think I could ever finance the bits and pieces I absolutely needed to get Sahlt up and running. 2017 will be the year of investments and risks. I have absolutely promised myself that I will buy myself a tripod, a new laptop and lighting equipment this year. I already spoiled myself a little after Christmas and bought myself the iPhone 7 Plus to get things going and to just, yknow, make 2017 a little more exciting. But I will definitely put Sahlt before anything this year.


Sahlt has easily been of my favorite moments of 2017 when the whole entity of Sahlt was conceived and with my current work load I often forget how important Sahlt is to me. I have made a resolution to do one post a week for Sahlt until June and after june I will push it to 2 posts a week. Because I can honestly say that I enjoy working on Sahlt more than I enjoy going out. Yes, i’m one of those people. Not anti-social or anything. Just anti-stupidity, anti-illiterates, anti-bullies, anti-shallow conversations. Mother always said, “honesty is the best policy”.






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