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5 Parisian Style Cues

The entire world takes their style cues from Parisians so what excludes me from that? Nothing. I often find myself musing over their impeccable effortlessness and swooning over their infamous “Je nai sais quoi”.

I finally got their effortless down to 5 tips to help you achieve their level of sartorial elegance and make your life about 95% easier. Because lets be real, if your outfit kinda sucks you’re automatically in a shit mood. BUT if you’re feeling your outfit and you know you look good, there’s no circumstance you’ll be intimidated by. Parisians of all ages follow one golden rule: Minimalism. They’ll occasionally create a frenzy in their outfit by adding quirky details such as brightly coloured accessories or finessing their look with staple brand must-haves. All of their tricks are completely attainable so allow me to break it down for you


The North American idea of extremely tight and body-conscious garments is a one-way ticket to tacky-ville. It’s so important to remember the concept of visual balance and proportions. There is nothing more sophisticated than a flowy, silk blouse with tailored bottoms. or a body-conscious bodysuit with a looser fitting bottom.

2. MOD

Think MOD 60’s. When the dresses were modest enough to not show off your goods but short enough to keep them guessing. The most significant change you can make in your wardrobe is investing in a great LBD that follows the MOD rule. Not only do you look insanely chic, you have the freedom to accessorize as the garment itself speaks of understated elegance which can easily be elevated with a dainty gold necklace, a statement bangle, a pair of gem-toned earrings or just a messy chignon with some red lipstick.

3. Tailor

A true Parisian knows the importance of a great pair of trousers. A trouser is almost as important as a LBD when executed correctly. It’s incredibly important to be mindful of the fabric, finish and the fit of your trousers because a trouser, in all it’s versatility, is worn best one of two ways. The Smoking look a la Yves Saint Laurent or the borrowed-from-the-boys look made famous by Max Mara.

4. Layer

Parisians are masters at layering, or so they say. As a vancouverite I think I have mastered the art of tastefully layering coats. The idea is to accept the fact that a tailored, black wool coat is best worn over a wonderful evening dress or over your office attire. Your true outerwear companion is what us fashion folks call a Balmacaan (Bawl-ma-kaan) aka an oversized coat. Whether worn over a formal dress, a pair of ripped jeans or even trousers, you can never go wrong with an oversized coat. A leather jacket is also a crucial building block of the ultimate wardrobe. Try to stay away from trends that state that your leather jacket needs “taco Tuesday” written on the back. Yes, I’m talking about you Forever 21. A classic ACNE style leather jacket will easily last you over 30 years and not just in regards to it’s effortless style but the quality as well.

5. Embellish

One things Parisians do a little playfully is accessorize. Because on one hand you have these uber chic old Parisian ladies completely ravished with layers upon layers on necklaces and bangles because #personalstyle and then you have the Neo-parisians with their dainty little nothings and luxurious designer duds who are #outfitgoals. It’s so important to understand and discover your personal style before you can finesse your outfit because there’s nothing more off-putting than a strong outfit with a dainty pair of earrings and a chunky plastic necklace with a Big Bird coloured bag. Parisians know exactly when and where to invest their money.


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