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I’ve tried a fair bunch of BB creams and CC creams and I had no problems with them until I began to use the self tanning mousse by BaliBody. The tinted moisturizer I was using looked significantly pale compared to the rest of me (duh). But I couldn’t find the right shade to compliment the rest of my skin tone. Because the self tanning mousse only comes in DARK and it self-adjusts to your skin tone, it’s a challenge to find a face product from another brand which will go hand in hand with the colour and undertones. 

Once I got the hang of the tanning mousse and understood how the colour was developing for my skin, I decided to purchase the BaliBody BB cream in Natural. Even though the Tan shade would have matched the rest of me perfectly, I wanted my face to be a bit more radiant and lighter. 

Let’s rate this product:


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, BaliBody nails their packaging for all the aesthetic-y people in the world. The BB cream is rose gold with a matte black lid so it truly stands out on your dresser in an array of black palettes and lipsticks. 


There is virtually no scent for this. So yay! 


It’s a bit on the thicker side and the nozzle is fairly small so you always get a very controlled amount of product which is great and helps you not waste it. 

When I first used it, i saw an instant glow right off the bat. I went ahead with my regular routine and towards the end of the day after 8+ hours, my makeup didn’t move and the base still looked as good as it did in the morning. 

I find that I like this tint better than my only tinted moisturizer because it has a soft rose gold tint which balances out the gold in the tanning mousse and adds a nice warmth to my face. 10/10!


This product is actually a steal for me considering my previous product of choice retails for $60 CAD plus taxes. For half the price ($39.94 CAD), I have found a better product. 


I love BaliBody for a million and one reasons and the one reason is F R E E S H I P P I N G – my two favourite words. It arrived in about two weeks which is exactly how long my mousse took to arrive. Do I wish it would arrive in a week? Sure. Am I willing to pay extra $38 CAD for express shipping? NOPE. 


Overall i am very pleased with this product and i will be purchasing it again in the future ♥️ it seems like BaliBody is going to take over my entire dresser soon.

For more updated photos an videos and general life happenings involving my regular routine with Balibody, please head over to my instagram!

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