Remember when I said I had found the golden answer in St. Tropez?

Let me correct that. I have found my true golden answer in Bali. I’m an amateur in the world of tanning, so there’s always something out there for me to learn. I recently learned about BaliBody through my absolute favourite instagrammer Jennifer Auada and I was in love! One swift scroll of their incredibly well-curated feed showed me everything I needed and was missing in my pale life.

I was hesitant at first, so I took a shot in the dark and sent them a direct message with very little hope for a response, because most big brands don’t respond. But BaliBody responded within a couple of hours with the most satisfying answers and directed me in the right direction of the right products so I too can be a #BaliBodyBabe.

I picked the mousse and the mitt to match and it took about two weeks to arrive in Vancouver which isn’t the longest wait ever. I couldn’t have skipped home any faster that day when I received the email which notified the delivery status of my BaliBody!

I’ll rate all aspects with you, so if you too are considering getting BaliBody, you’re well informed.


The packaging is absolutely gorgeous. I love the fleshy pink and the mix of matte with shiny notions.

The mitt comes packed in a ziplock which makes the entire hassle of finding storage a million times easier. And it’s great to travel with too since you won’t have to worry about the mitt staining other things.


On a scale of 0 (no scent) to 10 (coconut overload) I’d rate it a 2. it’s a very faint leafy smell. A lot of people said floral but I find it more leafy. I personally really like it.


The mousse only comes in one colour-DARK. It was really daunting for me to dive into that because I’m super pale. BUT all my worries were laid to rest because their formula is self- recognizing. It has a slight golden indicator colour but it adjusts to YOUR skin tone depending on how long you leave it on. 1-2 hour long session leaves a soft glow, 3-4 hour session leaves a bronze glow and overnight leaves the darkest tan that the product is able to leave on your skin. I always sleep in it and I love the natural colour I’m left with! It literally looks like the tan I had when I was on vacation in Los Angeles last year.

The mitt changes the game with its thumb and incredible fabric! It’s the same fabric on both sides so you can switch it up on your hands without any worries. Tan lines in your sheets are the worst and they’re one thing you won’t have to worry about with BaliBody! I had the faintest staining on my sleepy shorts on the waist (because I layered a lot on my tummy and back) the very first time I used it but afterwards I never found any deposit on my clothes or sheets. Maybe because I got a better hold on how much product to actually apply.

Customer Service

I’ve said it before on Instagram and ill say it here for all of my non-followers, BaliBody has the best customer service I have ever received. From helping me track my order to helping me replace my mitt! AND they also helped me pick my shade in their tinted moisturizer. They have the best people running their instagram who will respond to all your queries and comments within the day with the most incredible attitude. Their customer service played a huge part for me because it urged me to try more products like their tinted moisturizer (which I have yet to receive) so stay tuned for that review too!

Stay tuned for my story on instagram this Wednesday for before and after shots.


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