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Birthday Recap

So this birthday wasn’t all that different from the ones in the past except that it kinda was. I was less excited and my partner wasn’t here to celebrate it with me.

I wasn’t NOT excited because of that bs reason, “Oh I’m getting so old!”. I wasn’t over the moon about it because I’m just waiting for him to get back. But if anyone can make me smile and turn my day around its my girls ♥

My birthday fell on a Thursday (19th) so I spent the afternoon with my best friends in Gastown at Nuba + Pictures (they’re posted up on @TheSahlt now!)



Later I got home and put my first present to use- my new Xbox One from my Fiancé!  But the birthday celebrations were far from over.

Fast forward to the 21st for an amazing dinner with my girlfriends and the cutest card which was signed by all of them. We went for a dinner to one of my favourite food joints in downtown Vancouver – ROGUE. It’s inside Waterfront station and has the best Nachos. Seriously.

As time passes and I get older, I’m developing a decreasing need for presents. I just want all the people I love to come together and eat some great food with me. But my girls are phenomenal people so they gave me things which I absolutely love!

This scent has been infesting all the nooks and crannies of my room and I am absolutely in love! My xiami, Steph, really came through and gave me a gift which ill have for a long time. She’s so fucking cute because she gave me a card and wrote “Think of me when you smell this.”- I mean, how fucking cute?! I LOVE YOU YD ♥

My 10-year-old sister is honestly my rock. She grounds me in ways I can’t explain. I work a lot and she hates it often but she’s one of my biggest supporters too. I vaguely mentioned wanting the Rupi Kaur poetry book and she came through! I am so excited to read this book. She’s very aware of how much I value my work and how I pride myself on being punctual so she also got me the cutest mug! PS. She saved her Eid money and bought me these, #SisterGoals or what?

This present made me bawl. A close friend and my manager left the company on a shockingly short notice and it broke my heart in ways I could’ve never imagined. She’s moving on to bigger and better things in life and WKP wishes her nothing but the absolute best in all her endeavours and lots of love! Thank you for the bitchin’ red, LZ.

All in all, it was a pretty decent birthday! Thank you to all those who made it super special.





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