You know that glee you feel when you get to witness a self-fulfilling prophecy? And you’re the one who called it in the crowd of naysayers?


The classic, white button up Oxford shirt is now officially trending for S/S 2017. Dress it up/down or steal your man’s shirt and rock it with a belt.

The white button up is the backbone of every successful closet. No matter what your job description, you should always have at least one great Oxford. I suggest a maximum of 3 white button ups, all different from each other in their own ways but oh so necessary.

the classic

A classic, cotton button up shirt is a lifesaver. For those strenuous interviews to brunches, it’s a classic piece that you’ll be grateful for forever. Its clean nature allows you to dress it up however you wish! Buttoned all the way up with some collar accessories or with a statement necklace tucked beneath the collar or for a more casual look, having the top 2-3 buttons undone for an unpolished, sultry look.

the imperfection

Think silk. Maybe Crepe de chine. This oxford shirt, to the untrained eye, seems like a shapeless kerfuffle of fabric. But to me, this is a pot of gold and so much more. The ultimate “cool” factor is achieved when this shirt is paired with some black, knee-slit skinny jeans. The sexy ante is raised to new heights when this shirt is partnered up with a pair of carrot-shaped wool trousers and a strappy heel. The ultimate Parisian/minimalist hack is exposed in this carefree, effortless and immaculately made shirt which┬áis a definite staple in my wardrobe.

the neo-Edwardian

If you’re smart (and are able to hunt for it) you can just combine the silk button up shirt/Edwardian dress and just buy one long, silk, button up dress which you can easily fold up to pair with pants. I’m such a sucker for a button dress but I can proudly say that I only own 2. One slight more diaphanous than the other. This dress wears amazing in the summer heat and it always reminds of Spanish summers, cool, effortless and breezy. This dress is incredibly easy to dress up with a leather jacket/blazer/duster coat/belt and dress down just on its own. I usually pair my diaphanous dress with a silk slip dress underneath it and a camel duster coat overtop to play with different hemlines and create more interest.


as much as I love black and probably will die in all black head to toe, I can’t live without my oxford shirt. it is my key piece which i use to break up the monotony of a monochromatic wardrobe and to add an extra dash of “crisp” to any outfit.


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