If you know me, then you know I rarely get DAYS OFF. And if this is your first ever time on The Sahlt, well here’s a little something about me.


I am a self-proclaimed workaholic and I love it.

I love the rush of getting up in the morning just knowing that i’m on the clock and every task in the morning needs to be achieved within a fixed timeframe in order for me to get to work on time. Usually my days off are consumed with going out with my best friend, seeing my fiancĂ© or just treating myself to a day of claws with the best nail tech in the game @jessedoesnails. And of course working on Sahlt. DUH.


A day off usually starts with me taking extra hours of sleep and waking up at 9:00 AM to 9:30 AM whereas usually I’m wide awake at 6:50 AM on the dot.

The day goes on with me then fixing my bed, plugging in my wallflower (electrically triggered fragrance fixture sold at Bath & Body Works), and brushing up!

No bullshit, about 80% of the hours in that following day are spent just… doing nothing. I feel like im always doing something so it’s only fair that once a month, I get to do absolutely nothing and just CHILL THE FUCK OUT.

Suffering from chronic anxiety makes my life 15 times harder than it has to be

so if my “day off” falls on a day when I’m not crippled with anxiety I try to indulge in normal people stuff like Netflix and eating popcorn. Or maybe even hitting up the gym in the evening.

But every single day off, regardless of whether I’m spending it with my best friend strolling down the streets of Gastown or if I’m curled up next to my beau, Sahlt is always on my mind. I always contribute to Sahlt in one way or another- either through composing a story to publish for my readers or taking lots of pictures in Gastown which I can share on my instagram later on.

I’ll keep posting on my instagram stories through out the day about what I’m up to all the while I’m curled up in bed, with my fuzziest robe on and my hair up in a bun. Not the most glamorous look but hey, being glam 29/30 days is exhausting as fuck.



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