I only ever write about the things that everyone absolutely needs to have but that doesn’t mean I ignore and disqualify the carousel of trends.

Some trends that come about have that “promise” to them. They just give me that inkling of security. Security of investment. When chokers were revived I knew I had to own 15 of them because though they might seem like a fad to a lot of people,  I know that as a 90’s kid, chokers have always been a staple in my wardrobe. And just as promising as chokers were, when the clear readers hit the fashion scene I instantly regretted returning my first pair at the tender/clueless age of 14. I knew immediately I had to get a pair.

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I guess the fashion world isn’t quite done with the 70’s yet because these specs are a dead ringer of the era! They have this Matrix-y vibe to them and they’re pretty much the epitome of “cool”. And of course, very aesthetically pleasing. Itching to buy a pair? Click here!

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