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Lash Extensions by Pure Nail Bar

If you know me, you know I’m a creature of habit. And narcissism is one of my many terrible habits which I just can’t seem to quit. I love pampering myself with massages, manicures, hair appointments and now, Lash Extensions. Working at 3 different jobs takes a toll on me in more ways than one but the most significant and most obvious toll is taken on my sleeping pattern. The inadequate sleep results in dull skin and eye bags (EW). And having to wake up extra early to do my makeup doesn’t really help with the inadequate sleep from the night before so I decided to make my life a little easier with Lash Extensions. WHY? well, those 8 drafted articles won’t edit themselves through the night and because Pure Nail Bar has some of the best lash technicians in the game.


Kat, one of the resident lash techs at the Cambie location of Pure Nail Bar, #SLAYED my lashes. Don’t believe me? See for yourself.


As every other basic bitch out there, I also wanted the “cat-eye” look. So kat banged out this incredible set for me using lash lengths from 12 to 16 (inner corner – outer corner) to give my tired peepers some LIFE. Not only was she so skilled that I actually fell asleep, she made me feel so comfortable. The lash lounge at Pure Nail Bar is seriously amazing. With fresh complimentary blankets, soft pillows and a private boudoir, I actually took a power nap while Kat worked her magic.


If you’re nothing like me and enjoy having a friend with you when you pamper yourself, I’ve got some news for you. They host parties! Birthdays, bridal parties, whatever you want! So why settle for one friend when you can bring the whole squad with you and get pampered altogether on your special day?

And if you’re not anywhere near Cambie, don’t sweat it. They’ve got tons of locations throughout Vancouver!

If the promo hasn’t enticed you enough to visit them for their amazing lash extensions, then click here to read through all their other services. And click here to book your appointment!

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