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Everyone has their own weird thing that they do because they believe it does something to improve the odds of their days/endeavours and brings them luck.

I practice 5 odd personal rituals so I thought why not share them with you guys!



Here’s 1 weird thing I do- I need to have a slice of banana bread with my hot chocolate. If there’s no banana bread, well guess what, I won’t be having hot chocolate that day.


I leave work early on Sundays because well, it’s a Sunday. And the first thing I do when I get home right after I take off my shoes and coat is that I CLEAN. Like sweeping, folding clothes from “THAT CHAIR” to their rightful homes. I won’t even bother sitting down.  I HAVE TO CLEAN. And once my room is clean, I take a shower immediately. SO if you’re trying to get a hold of me on a Sunday evening, no dice. Don’t bother. Im cleaning.


It’s the one drink which I’m absolutely obsessed with! For everyone else its some venti bullshit but for me, this is a morning necessity. And it’s the only drink I feature on my Instastory (@thesahlt).


I firmly believe in having a comfortable space and my space needs to be comfy, clean and it has to smell amazing. I always spray my favourite scent of the season in my room like a pyscho. Once after I enter my room and 3 times when I leave for work.


I have these beautiful pearl earrings from Spain which were given to me as a gift and I religiously wear them to all my job interviews and every single interview I’ve worn them to has been a successful one! And the fact that they’re real pearl sweetens every look too!


What are your weird rituals?

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