My Splurge-Worthy Pieces

everyone is prone to catching a shopping bug every now and then. And if they’re anything like me then they’re stuck with a chronic condition of shopping.


Not every single piece of clothing is WORTH spending thousands of dollars on, thats what fast fashion retailers like F21/Zara are for. But there’s an exception to every rule, right? Some things, you just gotta have the best of.



$5000 CAD for this beauty? TAKE MY VISA!



There’s just something amazing about having Vetements slapped across your shoulder blades that no other coat can give you.


Hermes Belt

Do I even have to explain this? This is almost as important as having a great fitting pair of black skinny jeans. Or water. Its important.



These Gucci loafers are the epitome of culture, comfort and class.


YSL Sac De Jour

The YSL Sac De Jour is the best power move you can make in your wardrobe. It actually better and a lot more formal than a Chanel bag. Sorry NOT sorry.


The best way to class up any fast fashion outfit, finesse it with expensive details.


This actually smells like heaven! Go smell this at your local Nordstrom and you’ll be a believer!


Celine Classics

I’m all game for cheaper sunglasses which you won’t cry over if you lose them at a park or something but lets be real, most of you reading this right now are at a point in your lives where you can be a lot more responsible for your belongings and splurge on these.



Cartier Love Bracelet                                                                                                                                 

A Cartier bracelet is perhaps the most important piece of jewelry after ones wedding ring. Or just consider THAT a wedding band.


Christian Louboutin // So Kate

You knew this was gonna be on this list!

What are your splurge worthy pieces?








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