The Acne leather JACKET that has been knocked off to its death has topped my wishlist. I mean, do I wish I had the original Acne one? NO SHIT. It is literally everywhere and it’s calling my name. You know which jacket I’m talking about. The one-tone, waist-grazing, black jacket with heavy silver details.

It’s like the Mona Lisa of outerwear. The Starry Night. The Persistence of Memory.

The original ACNE leather jacket racks it’s price point to $1,790. Now isn’t that a pretty number? But see, it’s the style of the jacket that I fell in love with. Not the label. Although the label pioneered the finishings of the jacket; from the silver hardware to the belt along the waist and wide collar. I am determined to own something of a similar nature for a fraction of the price. And of course, vegan leather.

This ACNE inspired jacket resides in the TREND section in Nordstrom. Retailing for $137.36, it is currently on SALE for $83.96. I told you I’d find a steal of a deal! Now, it’s not 100% there for me because of the lack of belt around the waist. But I do appreciate the zippers along the sleeves and the wide collars. (CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO SHOP THE LOOK!)

This beauty is the most affordable dupe to ACNE. You can find it at your local Zara for under $70! Complete with the waist details (sans belt), this jacket has the ability to be kept at a waist-grazing length for a tougher, classic biker look or made short for a sportier, chicer look as the zipper along the bottom of the jacket is fully functioning. I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love anything that offers more than what meets the eye. Hidden hoodies, detachable features, fully functioning zippers. I enjoy the element of surprise in the simplest pieces.  (CLICK THE IMAGE TO SHOP THE LOOK!)

A leather jacket is such an essential part of my wardrobe for two reasons: aesthetics and Vancouver.

After bearing the winter months, we are faced with 3-4 months of nonstop, treacherous rain. The rain takes a toll on anyone who doesn’t own a vehicle to get them to and from work. I’ve gone through more rain jackets and wellingtons than I have anything else in my wardrobe. A sturdy leather jacket is absolutely a staple for the wet Spring months as it’s water repellant but still stylish and because of its loose nature, you’re able to layer underneath for extra warmth. And you have the choice to make it a totally Vancouver outfit with an Aritzia blanket scarf! I love seeing bloggers all over the world styling leather jackets their own ways so I’ll be sharing my top five people with you who really did their jacket justice!

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