You know what really pisses me off? HALF. ASS. PEOPLE.


You’ll be telling them some story with the pretence of getting their opinion or even asking them a simple question such as; “does this sweater look good?” and they respond with some half-ass response like “yeah, I guess”.


You’ll notice that when they attempt to show support, they don’t fully say “I truly believe you can achieve this level of x at work and be recognized for a promotion!”. OR “I don’t think you’ll be getting the promotion because of that huge mishap last week. I think you should work hard on solving that issue first and then focus on this promotion.” They’ll say some stupid shit like, “Maybe you’ll succeed. The rate of unemployment is so high these days anyway.” Take your pessimistic ass OUT of here.

If you CAN NOT support someones hopes and dreams, tell them the real deal. If you’re their number 1 Cheerleader, be their cheerleader. Don’t be a source of confusion and paranoia for people.

If you’re going to speak, speak with your FULL ass. PICK A SIDE. PICK A STATEMENT.

How about when backwards families tell their girls and women that they can be anything they want in life and then ROB them of their hopes and dreams in the same god damn sentence. HOW, one may ask? Observe.

Young & unmarried female: I would like to pursue a higher education in university.
Backwards Family: That is wonderful news! You can be anything you want!
Young & unmarried female: Great. The program I’m interested in will be very challenging and lengthy, but im sure I can handle it.
Backwards Family: Bless your heart. You don’t have to worry about handling it. Whether you succeed or not, you’ll be married soon anyway and your husband will earn enough. You don’t have to work. A womans job is keeping her house running. Not running empires. So when does university start?


This kind of half ass support is what ruins families. If you’re only capable of truly supporting only one genders’ aspirations in life, you make me sick. If you’re going to groom your child to be a confident adult, why stifle their confidence when they want to make something out of themselves? When they experience bouts of anxiety over making a phone call to the family doctor to make their own appointments, you quickly tell them to grow up. But when they take a stand for their dreams and make miracles happen (starting a business, excelling in their work, earning well), you immediately chop them down. You make them second guess themselves.

This applies to friends, family and coworkers.

There are personalities who will only be half-assed entities in your life. If you’re sad, they’ll tell you “I told you so”. If you’re ecstatic they’ll meet your smile with, “okay, calm down. You’re not special.” Not everyone will be worth sharing your story with because while you’re sitting there telling them about your struggles and accomplishments, that person is sitting there playing Editor. They’re mentally editing everything they CAN NOT stand in your story. Be smart about who you share yourself with.

You deserve someone who will support your hopes, dreams and aspirations with their FULL ass and all their resources. There’s nothing more heartwarming than sharing your dreams with someone and have them say, ” I know someone who can make this happened for you. Let me email/call them now.” THAT IS LOVE. That what we all need.

It’s you and FULL-ASS crew against the world!



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