There is no Ouai i wasn’t going to do a full article on how much I love Ouai.


Celebrity hair stylist Jen Atkin is the mastermind behind the brand Ouai (pronounced “way” // Ouai means yes in French in a more casual, Parisian way). As if the life of a true Parisian didn’t seem enticing  and slightly unattainable enough, Jen broke that stigma with Ouai. We might not be able to live the breezy, chic, Parisian way but at least we can have their bedhead-yet-perfect tousled waves. Which composes 50% of what a Parisian is all about so I’m half Parisian, you guys.

Ouai focuses on real women and real results. As a hair guru, Jen tried any and every product on the market until she decided to create her own empire which was built on the simple philosophy that “life is hard- looking good shouldn’t be”. With affordable products that WORK, Ouai has rapidly taken over my entire life and I wouldn’t have it any other Ouai.

I started my addiction with the texturizing spray because even though Oribe might  me the Bently of haircare, I’m always in the market for the next best thing. Oribe has a very special place in my heart but i’d be lying if I said that I’ve used my Oribe ever since I purchased my Ouai Texturizing Spray. The smell is tolerable, not as great as Oribe but the hold is what I love. The texturizing spray is the perfect way to finish my lived-in beachy waves as it adds that grit without leaving my hair rough.


I couldn’t stop at just one so I returned to Sephora and made me Ouai to Ouai. The next gem that caught my eye was the Finishing Creme. Described as “lotion for your hair! This lightweight crème protects from heat styling, smoothes dry ends, and gives fine-medium hair that lived-in look with a light-reflective shine.”. As someone who is constantly tangled in my own hair with its extensive and damaging colour routines, I couldn’t have picked up this product at a better time!


The last (but yet, not the last) product I purchsed from Ouai was the Matte Pomade. Now, my hair is gray. Bleached. Dry. Frizzy. Damaged. So that doesn’t give me alot of wiggle room to really heat style my hair so whenever I have to actually style my hair, I just wave the middle section of a 2 inch strand, straighten the ends and liberally use the matte pomade on my ends for added texture and separation. A look a la Mary-Kate Olsen. I finish it off with the texturizing spray to play the part of my store-bought 50% Parisian heritage. #Iwokeuplikethis

I don’t consider myself brand loyal but if there’s one brand I can get behind, it’s Ouai. I have been such a fan of Jen Atkin for years and when she created Ouai I was over the moon! I have finally stumbled upon a company I fully support and can wholeheartedly say #YesOuai to.


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