If you watched my instagram story today you would know that I was spending my Monday out and about Vancouver, enjoying the sunshine and shopping for my spring fragrance. I was shopping at Hudson’s Bay on Granville street in downtown Vancouver when I came by this amazing display for one of my absolute favorite designers; Maison Martin Margiela. The display was for his “Replica” perfume line and the rest is history.

“Soul of the Forest blends notes of ancient moss, vivid sap, and captivating incense into an ethereal and vegetal fragrance—a spiritual retreat for the soul amidst nature. Lure your imagination into the depths of a lush forest where ancient trees stretch across the sky creating a sheltered and leafy Eden. Let the freshness of the air fill your lungs as hints of biting sap and smoky incense whisper through the eternal forest air.”

Blackcurrant buds, Pimiento berries, Moss Accord, Cistus Concrete, Sap Accord, Fir Balsam, Incense Oil, Patchouli Oil, Indonesia Atlas, CEDAR WOOD Oil.

It was a close competition between Margiela Replica and Georgio Armani Si. But the dry down for the latter was just too sweet. I only ever wear scents which contain notes of vetiver or at the very least, have a strong woodsy base. The most feminine scent I have owned is Chloe and that is the only feminine scent I will ever own. Soul of The Forest is a gender anonymous scent and works differently with everyone’s different PH levels.

I personally love an androgynous scent for its contemporary feel. Often times people choose to buy more mainstream perfumes such as Dior, Chanel, YSL, Ralph Lauren and others. I’ve never been attracted to any of those brands as I always needed something a lot more contemporary, something with a heightened sense of sophistication. Something I won’t find any ordinary person wearing. Something that was an acquired taste.

Soul of The Forest has all the right notes that hit the right notes with me. The moment I sampled it, it was love at first whiff. And of course, I didn’t leave Hudson’s Bay without it. I couldn’t. From the minimal/monochromatic bottle to the sophisticated mix of notes and oils, this Replica is a strong fragrance which commands attention. So, of course, it HAD to be a part of my collection.

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