St. Tropez – The Golden Answer

Flings are all fun and games because

1) You love the thrill of something new

2) The pictures are just too great!

I decided to put my relationship with my pale, vampire-esque skin on hold and have a golden summertime fling with St. Tropez.

As a perpetually pale person, I have always wanted that perfect golden/peachy skin but I have been absolutely terrified of fake tanners. I was afraid that due to the lack of melanin in my complexion, my skin would soak up the product tenfold and I will be left looking a fucking Dorito chip.

After a fair time of research, I decided to try an at-home self tanning product. Naturally, St. Tropez was the first thing that popped up on google when I searched “best self tanner”. Although I don’t blindly believe anything, I just knew there was some truth to it because I have been hearing about St. Tropez before I even knew what it was!

I strolled into my local London Drugs on Granville street and it was fairly easy to find the tanning section there (easy to find because of all the pale, pasty people of Vancouver). I was swiftly approached by one of the sales reps and as soon as I said I was hunting for my very first self-tanner. A self-tanner which won’t turn me orange or make me look sick OR make my grey hair look disgusting. Then she rolled up sleeve to show me the most amazing shade of tan.

Turns out I wasn’t the only person who had asked her for self tanner that day and she had played guinea pig for someone else before she had approached me. She had an even patch of tan over her perfect porcelain arm. I immediately said “yeap thats it. Gimme it.” (bratty child that I am, I’m programmed to say GIMME.).


She introduced me to two St. Tropez products; the starter kit and the gradual self tanning mouse. My impulsive ass bought both. Because do I want a started kit with the mit, moisturizer, travel size tanning mousse AND body polish to prolong the tan? YES. Do I want the full size gradual tanning mousse which allows me to control exactly how warm my skin gets? YES.

The starter kit retails for $36 CAD and it includes travel size products which apparently cover you WHOLE body for up to 3 uses! I was incredibly surprised at their longevity considering the bottle of the self tanning mousse is smaller than my iPhone 7+.

The Gradual Tan Everyday Mousse retails for $30 CAD. I’m honestly quite sad that this Everyday Mousse doesn’t have enough reviews out there on the inter-web. I absolutely LOVE this product and recommend to anyone who wants to warm up their skin tone without going yellow or orange or green. I use it every morning and I have the most amazing rose gold/golden glow all day.

So now for the technical stuff. The smell is barely there and it doesn’t annoy me. It smells nice and powdery. Not floral or spicy or musky even. The fragrances exits the scene in a matter of minutes and then there’s the waiting game for about 5-10 minutes depending on how much product you have used.

I typically sit around for 15 minutes or so and do my makeup while the tanner dries up. And then I get dressed for work. They do suggest to wear dark clothes right after tanning to avoid staining but I haven’t seen my clothes get discoloured from any depositing. I just saw a faint golden hue on an off shoulder top last week which I stupidly wore right after I tanned(totally my fault).

The Vancouver weather is heating up which means a lot of lighter and brighter colours are making their debuts into my life again. And my tan just makes me summer outfits POP way more than my pale skin ever did. I totally understand the appeal of tanning and the effect it has on your wardrobe. Do I look skinner in a tan? I don’t know. Do I look healthier? significantly.

I have been using St. Tropez every day-every other day for about a month now and I am absolutely obsessed with my peachy/golden skin! Would I call myself and addict? No. I wouldn’t call myself that because I know how much I love being pale as a ghost in the fall/winter months with my silver hair.

Talk about a tug of war between a summery golden, Egyptian goddess and a moody, alternative goth with a taste for fine Italian tailoring à la Max Mara.


I don’t typically rate products but for these products I feel that I should for anyone reading who has never tried tanning products before and is a little curious.


I LOVE the moisturizer. I haven’t tried the polish yet. The mousse itself feels a little dark for me still so I only use it on my legs, bum and then fade it up to my torso and back. Im not entirely used to the product developing so fast so I’m very careful about using it on areas I don’t typically show.


It’s super easy to use and is visually way less daunting than the Classic Mousse. The product is dispensed in a white mousse rather than a dark brown colour. Typically, I use the everyday mousse 3-4 times a week to keep my skin glowing healthy. The application method I use is to apply this product on my arms, hands, chest, shoulders and back evenly in long stroking motions. This product is 100% Sahlt approved and is recommend to everyone! I don’t tan my face but I do use a bronzer to warm up my complexion to slightly match the rest of me without being the exact same tone at my belly. I like having my face a little brighter looking than the rest of my body.

This fling delivered what was promised: the thrill of something new and the most amazing pictures ever! (You should redirect to my instagram for said pictures HERE.) If you know of any other tanning brands that you think I should try, please DM me on instagram or comment on my picture and let me know!



Stay Golden, Gorgeous

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