Can you count how many people have written a post about their favourite sweaters under the same fucking title? TOO MANY. But has a (self-proclaimed) minimalist preached to you about the only 3 sweaters you need to get through the winter yet? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Now I understand that being a blogger comes with a package of sorts. You shop a lot, seem to have copious amounts of money, you are handed a top-of-the-line camera and you happened to travel everywhere. All the time. For free. But that’s beside the point. I curated Sahlt to only ever focus on the necessities of life.

And my philosophy on necessities preaches that black is best (so many jokes/innuendos are lined up in my mind just waiting to be used right now). But this year I gave a shit about the “trends”going around. Kind of. I decided to purchase three sweaters I absolutely fell in love with.

The first sweater I purchased was this elegant rose gold sweater from Dynamite ($50). It features rose gold metallic thread running through the weaves which makes it an effortless, comfortable and straight-forward pick for a semi-formal winter event. I chose to pair it with black skinny jeans and a great Chelsea boot for a casual winter date.

The second sweater of choice ($57) was a Parisian’s best-kept secret: NAVY. This bishop-sleeved sweater has the innocence of the Navy and the edge from the sleeve shape. I paired it with one my favourite trousers from Topshop and topped off the outfit with black details (duh).


The last sweater is black. Obviously. I stumbled onto it while fingering through the racks in Wilfred. I snagged quite a great deal on this sweater since it originally retails for over $80 and I managed to get it for $42. It is a Marino wool sweater/pullover with a ribbed V-neck and it was love at first sight. Since this is such a staple piece out of the three, this can be easily dressed up or down. Since it’s gotten colder, I opted to toughen up the look with some ripped jeans, a structured leather jacket and a fit pair of pointed toe Chelsea¬†boots.

With that said, i’m¬†pretty much A-OK for sweaters for the season.


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