The Eastwood.X Factor

Isn’t it the best feeling when you’re just walking around Gastown, Vancouver and you casually walk in to a place which, unbeknownst to you, will soon become the best part of your life?

Cue Eastwood.

It was a stroll in Gastown like any other and the name caught my eye- Eastwood. I needed to go in and I needed to know what it was. It took me approximately 3 minutes to sign up for the best journey of my life. I’m no stranger to Spin but I had a hunch that spinning at Eastwood was bound to be different than any other spin experience. Perhaps it was the Moroccan interior? Or the fact that Kanye West was roaring through the studio dropping all sorts of narcissistic facts.

Eastwood.X Interior
Moroccan-inspired interiors at Eastwood.X

The girls at the reception were incredible and didn’t wait a second to open up the incredible world of Eastwood.X to me. They immediately recognized me as an outsider and I am so glad that they did! I originally had walked in to check out their workout gear but I left shaking with excitement for my first spin class.

Entrance to Nirvana.

My first spin class was infinitely different than my past experiences with spin. It was livelier, colourful and the vibes were just BEYOND all expectations. The girls gave me a verbal walkthrough of the vicinity, lockers and showers on the very first day (which are pristine, btw). The entire Eastwood joint is impeccably maintained with the nicest staff! They even helped me multiple times when I couldn’t quite work the lockers (I locked myself out. #FilzaMoment).

I have attended 4 spin classes and 1 boxing class since and I can easily say that I will be cancelling my local gym membership and be joining the Eastwood.X family.

First day at Eastwood.
First day at Eastwood.
Oh, and I totally converted two of my girlfriends to Eastwood too… and they LOVED IT!


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