The lost art of BLOCKING

Its hard to say if I’m referring to colour blocking or the physical act of blocking someones interaction with ourselves. Either way, it is a lost art to block colours and people- both with finesse and expertise. 



Humans are tricky to block because they have this thing they do called “guilt tripping”. And its not even the only trick up their sleeve! They have a variety of reactions to choose from when they get blocked. They can throw a tantrum, guilt trip you, ghost you, or even physically CONFRONT YOU. GASP! Blocking is a skill learned.

I take great joy in the realization of blocking. And no it’s not as petty as you’re about to judge it to be. It takes a lot for someone to bug me enough for me to resort to blocking, tbh. I always reblog/re-pin/share words of wisdom about living out your truth and it’s time for me to live out mine.

Over time I have ceased all subliminal activity on all platforms. Now I don’t mention a word of my “realizations” in any way on any platform. I simply go about my life as usual and if aforementioned personality finds an alternative way to re-enter my atmosphere to inquire about the blocking, I simply tell them.

The art of it all is to LIVE OUT YOUR TRUTH.

Whatever that may be! The reason behind your actions needs to be shared. Every single time I have reached that breaking point with someone and taken the Irish exit, I eventually had to tell them the reason for my exit. And nothing sets you free like the truth!

So whoever is bugging you on social media/texts/calls – block them. Do yourself a favour and lighten your own burden. Develop thick skin, for sure. But no one likes a mosquito buzzing around their ear for too long. Initially you’ll reason with the situation like; “it’ll go away. It has a heart too. I won’t kill it. Shoo SHOO. Go away” met with frantic hand gestures. But at the end you’ll kill that sucker or get someone to do it for you. Same situation. Same mosquito. Just bigger in size.



Fashion is empirical. When observing the art of colour blocking, keep it to three colours in the outfit with the opportunity to introduce a fourth hue in a small and controlled fashion. Practice the fourth hue in additional notions such as a bag/belt/bracelet/earrings/lipstick/socks/shoes.

And that is all!


It’s so fascinating to me that with how much caution and care I write about the art of setting yourself free in contrast to how effortlessly I spilled about the skill of colour blocking.

How many people have you blocked so far?

What has been your most memorable blocked outfit?

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