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Every person on the face of this planet has done something like this at one point or another so hey, why not! I always enjoy watching/reading their exposés on their bags because it’s the best way to really get to know them. There’s a reason it’s advised to never go through a woman’s’ bag; they hold our stories.

Im a busy bee and always on the go so the little things which reside in my bag are the necessities which I absolutely need on a day-to-day basis. And yes that includes that kickass voucher from Bath & Body Works for $10 off a $30 purchase. Because you never know when you’ll walk past a Bath & Body Works store and get pulled in by their amazing scents.

Being a workaholic, I prefer a more practical bag as opposed to a satchel or a tote. Something in between, a hybrid. The bag I’m currently wearing is from TOPSHOP and it’s  decently sized, sturdy and very well made. It has wide enough top handles to be converted into a satchel and a thicker detachable strap to make it crossbody.

My necessities include my wallet (Nordstrom), pocket mirror (MAC), highlight (Double Gleam by MAC), headphones (Apple), Perfume (Black Opium by YSL), clear glasses (Bailey Nelson), umbrella (H&M) and my iPhone (Apple/7+).

The wallet is perfect because of its small size. It features two card slots and a zipper. The backside has a mesh pocket for ID cards or Bus Passes. Being out of my home for over 12 hours every single day means that i’m bound to look like shit at one point or another so that’s where the mirror and highlighter comes in handy, nothing like a quick little pick me up!

I keep my headphones in this little mesh baggy to keep them from tangling and getting caught with other things. My favourite scent to wear regardless of what time of the day it is, is YSL Black Opium (CLICK HERE for my perfume collection). I like having an accessory in my bag to dress myself up a bit because you never know who you’ll meet!

I love my clear glasses from Bailey Nelson, not only are they impeccably made, they give off some serious 70’s-meets-minimalism vibes which I’m a sucker for. And of course, an umbrella because you never know what shitstorm you’ll walk into when you’re in Vancouver. Last but not least is my phone which is literally my lifeline. It keeps my motivated, scheduled and well, connected to all of you!

what’s in your bag? comment below and let me know!



What do you carry in your bag?

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