I have returned from my hiatus. Again. Whatever,  you guys already know the drill; I post steadily for about three weeks then you don’t hear from me for 2 months. I’m not perfect but hell, I’m going to improve on that. Just you watch!


Spring has finally sprung here in Vancouver, British Columbia and every vancouverite is skipping (into puddles) with joy! As we bid farewell to the coldest winter in 10 years, we greet a soggy-sometimes-sunny spring. And of course, all the rumours about Vancouver’s bipolar weather ring true as we experience a true YVR-style downpour on the exact day I had a shoot with Ibrahima. But i’m swiftly reminded that for great success, we must make great sacrifices. I sacrificed my frail immune system against the weather and my beloved Chelsea boots.


Isn’t it such an incredible feeling when you find the right personality to add to your team and they just “get” you? Ibrahima Cisse is a local vancouver photographer (IG: @TheVancityPhotographer) who I will be working with to curate some INCREDIBLE content so stay tuned for that.


Also if you want to see some other work Ibra and I have collaborated on then head on over to my Instagram page @TheSahlt

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